• The Hypercities Project
  • Rotunda Imprint, U. of Virginia Press
  • The Grub Street Project
  • Evia Digital Archive Project
  • Rice University Press
  • Integrating Digital Papyrology
  • Civil War Washington
  • Homer MultiText Project
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Jerome McGann, Sustainability: The Elephant in the Room

Session One

     Allison Muri, The Grub Street Project

     Robert Darnton, The Grub Street Project: A Cautionary Tale

     Laura Mandell, Non-Consuming Relevance: The Grub Street Project

Session Two

     Greg Nagy, Homer Multitext Project

     Michael Moss, Homer Multitext project - a response

     Hans Walter Gabler, Response to Gregory Nagy, Homer Multitext project

Session Three

     Roger Bagnall, Integrating Digital Papyrology

     Greg Crane, Give us editors! Re-inventing the edition and re-thinking the humanities

     Peter Robinson, Response to Roger Bagnall: Integrating Digital Papyrology

Session Four

     Alan Burdette, EVIA Digital Archive Project

     John Unsworth, EVIA, Sustainability, and Mission-Creep

     John Rink, The EVIA Project: Many Challenges, Some Solutions

Session Five

     Paolo D'Iorio, Scholarly Information Management: A Proposal

     Jennifer Edmond and Susan Schreibman, European Elephants in the Room

Session Six

     Todd Presner, HyperCities

     Stephen Plog, Sustaining Digital Scholarship in Archaeology

     Matthew Kirschenbaum, Urban Renewel: Some Lessons for HyperCities from the Preserving Virtual Worlds Project

Session Seven

     Kenneth Price, Civil War Washington Project

     Daniel J. Cohen, The Idols of Scholarly Publishing

     Timothy Powell, Negotiating the Cultural Turn As Universities Adopt a Corporate Model in an Economic Downturn

Session Eight

     Penelope Kaiserlian, Rotunda

     Paul N. Courant, Perpetual Stewardship: Comments on Penelope Kaiserlian's Paper on the Rotunda Press

     Michael Keller, Response of M.A. Keller to Rotunda: a university press starts a digital imprint

Session Nine

     Chuck Henry, Rice University Press

     Geoffrey Rockwell, As Transparent as Infrastructure; On the research of cyberinfrastructure in the humanities

     Ray Siemens, Underpinnings of the Social Edition

         Appendix 1

         Appendix 2

         Appendix 3